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Why Move to L.A.B?

Unable to find a suitable trust accounting person?

Using manual ledgers?

Using outdated software?

Using non compliant trust accounting software?


Moving to L.A.B. is simple

Simply contact us.  We will forward you an Application form to Join and an End User Agreement for consideration and signing.  We will discuss whether you wish to import data from an existing system or start afresh with L.A.B.

How it works...

  • Send us a copy of your last month end reconciliation and all related reports such as unpresented cheques list and outstanding deposits list (if any). 
  • A list of client balances
  • Last bank statements
  • If you wish to have data imported from an existing system, please contact L.A.B. for further instructions.

Once we have either imported your data, or loaded the opening balances and reconciled to your last bank reconciliation, we are ready to start processing your work.  Client ledgers are available 24/7 online.