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How LAB can help you - We help you do what you do best

Keeping track of all your work in progress is an essential task for all barristers, yet the demands it places on your business, particularly for a barrister, can be a source of frustration, lost time and cost.  This limits your ability to focus on your core functions.   


The WIP reports we provide in comparison to your hand written timesheets, makes the task of billing more accurate.  Thus giving you further time to focus on your practice.


How it works...

  • How much time do you spend keeping track of your time and money?
  • Simply send your handwritten timesheets into us, and we will take care of the rest.
  • At any time, via the internet or by simply contacting us, you can have Work in Progress Reports at your fingertips, showing all unbilled time for any given client, at any given time.
  • Keep track of all your debtors.
  • Real time accurate cashflow reports at any time.
  • Accurate tracking of all unbilled time.
  • Save time and money so you can focus on your work.
  • Let us also manage your practice account.
  • Take the headache out of GST returns and make your Accountant's job much easier.

Why Us? / What you can expect

Use of software specifically designed for New Zealand legal profession

  • A cost – effective alternative
  • Taking charge of your time sheets
  • Based in Auckland/local
  • We lead in our profession/field
  • Provide comprehensive, accurate, efficient and
    timely management
  • Generate reports you require to enable you to carry out your role efficiently
  • Years of combined experience
  • Commitment to highest quality