What's happening for the team at LAB?

Remote logins.  More and more we are getting enquiries from Solicitors who have a trust account system inhouse.  They don't want to outsource and use the software that LAB has, but they want the team at LAB to login remotely to their current inhouse system. 

Its quick and easy to set up a remote login and before you know it, the girls at LAB will have your Trust Account all up-to-date and  keep it up-to-date.

Do you use Actionstep?  There is no cost to set LAB up with a user login.  Remember our user permissions can be restricted to just the Trust Account which provides very good security.

Do you use Lawbase?  The team at LAB have had many years experience with Lawbase.

Do you use Infinity?  Do you use Onelaw?  Any of these software packages can be managed remotely by the team at LAB. 


Any questions?  Call us now on 09 444 1044 to find out more.