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New Practice

newpractice.jpgQueries with opening a new Practice?

Unsure of what to do first in setting up your Trust Account or Practice?  Do you have any queries?  Do you need any information to assist you to take the first steps setting up your Trust Account/Practice.

Contact us now for an obligation free chat.

Starting up.

Once you have contacted us we will provide you with:-

  1. An Application Form to join LAB
  2. Information about how LAB works and helps you
  3. An End User Agreement for Signature
  4. A schedule of our costs

Lets get started..

If you choose to use our inhouse juniorPartner we work with you to make the setting up of your trust account EASY and STRESS FREE.

We will consult with you every step of the way during start up to ensure a seamless transition.  

Easy processes put in place and guidance to ensure the team at LAB have all the information necessary to start inputting your data.

Or your IT person will need to set us up so we can remotely access the software you have inhouse.  No matter which system you use you will....

Simply scan and send by email copies of receipts, online payment reports, journals and fees and bank statements. 

We work closely with you to set up processes and procedures which are accurate and in place as per NZLS rules and to ensure  easy work flows in the future.

As we go along...

 As we receive the necessary information from you, we input this data into chosen trust account software.

We will reconcile your trust account as we go keeping you informed at all times.  We will contact you immediately when we notice anything that is incorrect or missing (such as an overdraw in the trust account or a receipt incorrectly written out). 

Online Access if using our inhouse juniorPartner.

Easy online access without any software needing to be installed.  Online access to all your ledgers and work in progress reports are available online 24/7.  You can view and print these out as and when required.  Online data reports are updated every hour so you can view your work in real time.

 Month end/Year end reports

At month end we will reconcile within the ten working days (as required by NZLS) and return the reconciliation report together with any other reports you wish or need to have.  This helps you file your NZLS monthly certificates on time every time, stress free.