Other Services

Online Access

Without the need to install any software, you can have 24/7 internet access to all your client ledgers and work in progress reports.  You can view these and print them out as you wish.  Online access is updated every hour, so you can view all these reports in real time.

Remote User Login

 If you are an existing juniorPartner user or not, we can log in remotely to your juniorPartner system and manage your trust account for you.  Setting up remote login, is quick and simple.


C2M Systems Secure Online Backup

No need to perform manual backups.  No more DVDs or tapes.  All your data is protected against loss or damage without any effort from our or your side.  Data is preserved in multiple state-of-the-art storage facilities nationwide.  Your data is encrypted for privacy using 256 bit AES, and then transferred over the internet from our system to storage centres using 1024 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  Once in storage your data is monitored 24/7 365 by expert technicians.  C2M Systems secure online backup runs automatically (on the schedule we choose).  Contact www.c2msystems.co.nz  for more information.

MetriQ time recording

We use time recording software MetriQ which is so simple to use - it simply records the time we spend working on your data.  At month end it produces reports to tell us how much time has been taken and the $ cost.  You will be invoiced from these reports.

To find out more visit http://metriq.biz/

jPartner Systems

When it came to choosing legal accounting software for L.A.B. there really was no question it would be juniorPartner. Kathy had used juniorPartner for 10 years at several law firms before joining the ADLS bureau that used Lawbase.

Kathy has always found juniorPartner to be much better. jP is logical, user friendly and easy to use. jP is developed by New Zealand Lawyers for NZ conditions. Any changes to NZ business practice, can quickly be programmed into jP. They also listen to their users, so if we have any suggestions to enhance the programme they’ll listen to us and update jP with the best suggestions.